A Review of the Book Entitled Approaches in Contemporary Arabic Literary Criticism (Applied- Comparative)

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor of Arabic Language and Literature Department; University of Kashan


With regard to the fact that literary criticism is one of the most important courses in the field of Arabic Language and Literature, and many books have been written in this regard that perhaps could be a proper road map for teaching literary criticism, in this article, the author aims to review a book entitled Approaches in Contemporary Arabic Literary Criticism (applied-comparative), written by Mr. Hamid Ahmadian and published by SAMT Organization. The author intends to review subjects such as the book’s title, structure, introduction, division of chapters, coherence and references, and in reviewing the context, addresses the methods of literary criticism mentioned in the book such as historical, sociological, psychological, formalistic, and structuralist methods. In many of literary criticism methods mentioned by the author, there is rarely consistency and uniformity in representing the ideas, thoughts, and introducing famous critics of each method; in addition, there is an insufficiency in explaining many of the concepts and subjects of literary criticism methods in this book.