About Journal

Journal of “University Textbooks Research and Writing” is being published by the Institute for Research and Development in the Humanities, SAMT.

 In line with the main objectives of SAMT organization and in order to represent the science production process, this journal has been published since 1996 under the title of “Sokhan-e- SAMT”, and then in 2009 it has been changed into quarterly journal under the title of “Ayyar”.

By achieving scientific-research credential from Scientific Journals Commission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology on 10/01/2012, its title has been changed into “ University Textbooks Research and Writing”. Since 2015 it is being published as Biannual Journal.

 "University Textbooks Research and Writing” is an academic journal being published to introduce the latest findings of researchers. Its articles are the results of research projects, dissertations and scientific review in the field of University Textbooks.