Aims and Scope

Scopes of the journal:
1. The position of  the university textbook in the educational system
2. Comparative study of university textbook among different countries

3. The criteria and requirements of the university textbook
4. Fundamentals of Academic Writing
5. Application of educational theories in the academic book
6. Review of academic books in the form of scientific articles
7. University linguistics
8. Psychological studies of academic books
9. Fundamentals and components of value, cultural and social academic books
10. The artistic and aesthetic aspects of the academic book
11. Intellectual Property and Intellectual Academic Books
12. New Technologies in Academic Writing
13. Technical Issues of Academic Books Publishing
14. Academic book evaluation patterns
15. Strategies for increasing the quality of human resources resources in universities
16. Study of the evolution of paradigms, flows and scientific theories in the compilation of academic books
17. Translating and using methods and strategies for academic writing